Author’s Bio: Victoria Hyla Maldonado

Picture of Victoria Hyla Maldonado

Victoria Hyla Maldonado, Co-Publisher, Chief Editor and Author, has been editing and writing professionally for 20 years, working in diverse fields with products, such as fiction publications, magazines, industry trade publications, relocation guides, education materials and coursework, and a variety of catalogs. She also has freelance written and edited everything from dissertations to menus to websites. Victoria also is the author of the published Hearts Drawn Wyld trilogy (In Death We Part, Running in the Mists, Awake in Elysian Fields) under Victoria J. Hyla and the children’s books “Bartleby the Brave, “Miedosin el Valiente,” and “Tears for the Butterfly” as well as more to come. A lifelong lover of words and everything related to them, she lives in the western suburbs of Chicago with her husband and children.